About The Program

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Technical Communication is a two-year co-operative education diploma program with a September entry date, offered at the College's Princess Street Campus.

Technical communication is the process of making technical and scientific information understandable and available to those who need it. Technical communicators write manuals, online help, web pages and intranets. They have the ability to work in all industries from mining and agriculture to aerospace.

Upon completion of the program graduates will be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Write clearly, concisely, correctly, and effectively for a variety of audiences.
  • Create a variety of documents both online and for print.
  • Use graphics to structure and organize information, revise documents to meet the needs of readers.
  • Revise documents with several authors to create a unified message.


Co-operative education aims at an effective blend of classroom study and off-campus work experience in a program-related industry. Red River College makes every effort to secure work placements for all co-operative education students. However, the College does not unconditionally guarantee a work placements to students who enroll in programs using co-operative education. When placements are unavailable, the College will endeavor to develop options to assist students to complete the program. For all co-op terms since 2003 the Technical Communication Diploma program has been able to place all its students.